The Cute, Happy Koala Post OR Why I don’t read every Greenpeace post

…or every post of any other save-the-planet organization that I follow and/or support.

I am not going to go into too much detail here, but when 2014 was still young and I spent a lot of time at my pc working through my “Gardening and Horticulture” assignments, I also spent a lot of time keeping up to date with what was happening in the world.

And boy, was there a lot happening at that time! And not a lot of good stuff at that. Looking back I can summarise my feelings by saying that I felt like I HAD to read about all the misery going on in the world and FEEL with every family broken by war or animal made homeless my deforestation, tortured and killed for our needs and pleasures, because what right had I to sit here and study while my husband was out earning good money at a job he loves and my kids were at a great, small preschool we had chosen for them? What right had I to be happy and spoilt while there was so much suffering in the world.

I basically tortured myself into so much misery by empathising with others and fearing for the future that I ended up in a psychologist’s (and psychiatrist’s) office with a full blown depression and no hope for the world.

Now, I have always been a very positive, excitable, enthusiastic, idealistic and generally very happy person and this was not like me. I didn’t even recognise myself anymore. Nevertheless, having children has changed me a lot. Since I had my little boy almost 7 years ago I have constantly had to keep my anxieties in check and I am raw and vulnerable to the brutality in our world. Many Moms can probably relate.

Still, the truth remains – does my constant worrying help anyone? Does it make things better or keep bad things from happening?

On the contrary. If I worry myself sick, then not only will I suffer, but so will my family. And I will not have the energy to make the changes in the world that I CAN make. And be the example to my children that I want and have to be to make this world a better place.

This is why I know better now and if I see a post like Greenpeace International’s the other day with the title “14 Devastating Photos of the World’s Deforestation” and I see a photo of a sad little koala sitting on a deforested hill, then the tightness in my chest tells me to scroll on.

Because if I look at photos of homeless koalas, orphaned children, de-finned sharks or starving polar bears too often, they will not only not show me anything I don’t already know, but they will make me feel depressed and hopeless and rob me of the energy to make the change I can make.

rainforest alliance

I also remind myself that we make a small monthly donation to a great organisation called Rainforest Alliance

who do fantastic work in preserving the forests of the world.

Instead of sitting at home and filling my head with more world suffering I now prefer to go out and volunteer in my community. That does not mean that I do not stay informed, but it means that I draw a line when it is enough. Think less, do more.

So for today I close with the photo of a very cute little koala which I found on . I know this little guy’s habitat is in danger and I will keep it in mind when making my daily life choices.


Have a great weekend, Everyone!

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